17TH JUNE 22 7th The Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes17TH JUNE 22 6th The King Edward VII Stakes17TH JUNE 22 5th The Sandringham Stakes17TH JUNE 22 4th The Coronation Stakes17TH JUNE 22 3rd The Duke of Edinburgh Stakes17TH JUNE 22 2nd The Commonwealth Cup17TH JUNE 22 1st The Albany Stakes17TH JUNE 22 Racing People 00317TH JUNE 22 Racing People 00217TH JUNE 22 Racing People 00116TH JUNE 22 6th The Hampton Court Stakes16TH JUNE 22 4th The Gold Cup16TH JUNE 22 3rd The Ribblesdale Stakes (Group 2)16TH JUNE 22 2nd The King George V Stakes16TH JUNE 22 1st The Norfolk Stakes16TH JUNE 22 Parade16TH JUNE 22 People StandsRoyal Ascot 2022 CollectionThursday 9th JTG9th June 22 Royal Ascot Media Morning